What do people say about Cutis Vita Skin Care?

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By the end of the summer, my feet are a total mess; cracked, dry and neglected. I have tried everything on my feet without lasting results. When I first got this cream, I tried it on my feet. This worked a small miracle. In three days they were healed and I mean deep cracks that hurt! Then I started using it on my face and I noticed that it felt smoother and softer. I use it on my elbows and hands as well. A little bit goes a long way. It doesn’t have a heavy perfume smell but a light citrus fragrance. I am very satisfied with this cream and will let you know how my wrinkles are doing! I have been using this cream a little over a month and notice that lines are becoming less noticeable. Thank you for making this natural product.

S.J. – California
I have never really been a fan of moisturizer. Being a man I used to have calluses on my hands, damaged cuticles, fairly dry skin on my knees and elbows and the skin my face was perpetually dry. Most lotions left an oily residue, had strong perfumes and I could not use them on my face without irritation. I was extremely skeptical when introduced to Cutis Vita. I first tried it on my hands and it felt good. It was not oily and smelled good too. I continued using it on my hands for a few days and my calluses began to soften. I tried it on my knees and elbows and found that it cleared up the dry cracked skin there as well. For the final test I put a small amount on my face before bed. The next morning I was surprised to find that it had not irritated my skin at all. You must understand that my face had been irritated by some types of soaps, shaving cream and every lotion I had ever tried. I was excited that I had found a moisturizer that I could use on my face! Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. Cutis Vita is the best moisturizer I have ever used! I will not use anything else, ever.

Thanks again!
Anonymous – California
I’m writing you to tell you that I love your cream. I’ve tried many other creams out there, and not one of them compares to yours. I couldn’t believe that it actually is working on my stretch marks! I have had two kids by cesarean and my stretch marks were horrible! A friend told me about your cream and told me to get some. I was skeptical at first, but I tried it and it felt very good, and the sent, was awesome, very light and nice, I never liked the creams that had heavy scents. After about using your cream for one week I started seeing dramatic results! I was amazed, my stretch marks were actually going away!

Thank You So Much!
J.F.C. – California
I am writing to tell you how amazed I was with your Advanced Skin Revitalizing Cream. I have always been embarrassed about how my hands and feet looked and felt. I have been trying different creams and lotions for years, looking for that perfect solution to younger and vibrant skin. I always wanted nice skin, and found with other creams that after I used them more than once or twice I was worse off than I was before I started it. Not with yours! I started to see the improvement right away, and after only a few days of using it I noticed that my skin only improved with every use. I now carry a little bit with me wherever I go, because you never know when the dryness may hit. I am on my way to that perfect skin I wanted!
M.J. – California
Hello, thank you for making such a wonderful product. It’s so hard to find a product with as much quality as yours. And have it produce results as well! Just letting you know that your product has handled my dry skin!
Anonymous – California
Being from Arizona I think everyone suffers from dry skin. A friend introduced me to your product who has been using it. She had extremely dry skin before using it, so I tried it being that it had worked for her. I could instantly feel the relief it gave me. I used it on my hands. My hands had some small cracks in them from being so dry and having to use latex gloves at work. After about a week just using your product once a day my hands were healed! I was amazed, I was truly amazed that I had found a real product that I could actually say that I loved!
Arizona – USA
Just wanted to let you know, that my daughters skin had gotten so dry that she had been scratching her arms raw. They were red and scabby and we thought it was a rash or something. But I realized it was just due to how dry it’s been. Anyway, I started using Cutis Vita and it cleared up amazingly within almost a day and now 3 days later you can barely tell anything was wrong. I’ve been applying it on her every day and it’s really amazing!
Kimberly – California
This cream is great! It cured my husbands cracked finger overnight!
Anonymous – USA
I just wanted to email you to let you know, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! I feel it works better than La Mer… I’m finally happy with a product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg…
Irene – USA
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I have been using this product for about two years now and I have to say it is the best hydrating
lotion/cream I have ever used! My favorite place to use it is on my face. I use it in the morning and in
the evening because of its non-greasy qualities and it keeps my skin glowing. I highly recommend for its
price, quality, and it goes a long way!

My boyfriend bought this for me for Xmas as I work outside a lot and my skin gets chapped and raw
especially if it’s windy or cold. Its been great. I’m not a fan of heavy creams that leave a residue and
Cutis Vita doesn’t. Its got a nice aroma but not one that is cloying. I have really liked it and would
definitively accept another gift! I’ll buy it again if he doesn’t. Enjoy it!!!

I have very sensitive skin and thought I would have to spend obscene amounts of money on my skincare
products forever. Then a friend told me about Cutis Vita. I was very skeptical but she gave me a little
bit to try and I will never go back! I never expected to find a face and body cream that I could
actually use on my face. I don’t know how they made such an exquisite natural product so affordable but
they have a lifetime customer in me. (Just to give you an idea of my quality standards, I switched to
Cutis Vita from Eminence. After I started using Cutis Vita, my friends actually noticed how good my skin
looked.)The texture and thickness are perfect. It is rich but not greasy. And I love the fact that it is
unscented. That way I can scent it myself if I want.I always keep three jars on hand. The one for my
face I leave as it is. Then I add yummy smelling essential oils to the ones that I use for body lotion
and hair cream Yes, I use it on my hair too! (I have very dry hair.)If I know I will be sweating a lot,
I use it on damp skin (for both face and body) otherwise I find it to be little too rich.This product is
make-up remover/cleanser, day cream, night cream and body lotion all in one.Do yourself a favor and
treat yourself to this lovely cream. You won’t regret it.

After applying this cream around my eyes and cheeks, I met a friend for dinner. The first thing he said
is, “Your skin looks great! are you actually getting younger?” I was shocked to get this kind of
reaction so soon after my first application. I have been hearing similar things since, so I know that it
is working.I have tried many different creams and can easily say this is the best within this price
range. Look no further — if you want non-greasy, but luxuriously rich and moisturizing cream for your
face, hands or anywhere that needs some extra love, this is it.

I am very pleased with this purchase. Not only is the product great, but I also received my order a day
early! The product was exactly what I was looking for. My hands are dry year-round and this product
really helped. It made my skin feel much smoother and hydrated without feeling greasy or leaving a
residue. I am also huge on the way a product smells. This product has a very light, fresh fragrance that
doesn’t overwhelm. Also, a little goes a long way. Thanks!!

I love this skin cream! My skin is already getting really dry in the cold winter air, and this product
helps tremendously. My face is prone to breakouts, but haven’t had any problems since I began using
this. It moisturizers well, isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly. So happy I found this!

A very high quality product! I am extremely picky about the things I put on my face and spend alot of
money buying different products from Kiehls,Clinique, Aveda, Philosophy, Estee Lauder, Lancome and more.
Basically all there is, I have tried them. This moisturizer is the best I have ever used. It is not
heavy or greasy. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and I feel that it is making me feel younger.
I would very highly recommend this product to anyone who is picky about what they put on their skin!

I’ve been looking for something for a while to deal with rough skin around my heels. A friend
recommended it and although it’s more than I usually spend on a skin cream I wasn’t having any luck with
the drug store choices. Opened the jar and was surprised at the light fragrance. Smells clean and fresh.
I’ve been putting it on my heels and found a difference in my skin in 2-3 days. No more rough edges, no
more snags on the sheet. Little bit goes a long way. It’s a keeper and although more than I normally
budget worth every penny.

I am Michael’s wife. We ordered this amazing cream a few days ago and we love it. By we I mean my
daughter and I. We have dry skin and it is hard to find good lotions. Normally they are too heavy, or
too light, leave a greasy feeling and so on. This cream is our answer. It helps relieve our dry skin, it
isn’t too scented, and is light after a few minutes. Plus I love knowing that it has great ingredients.
Thanks You!

I bought this for my wife and this is what she had to say:”WOOOOOOOOW this cream has been one of the
best ones I ever tried :-)I have very, very sensitive skin to the point that I have tried an outrageous
number of organic, french brand-names, and other very expensive creams with not a very pleasant ending
(as they all gave me bad reactions or rashes on my skin). I also have a combination of greasy with dry
skin…lucky me :-( so when I tried this cream I thought, ‘well let’s see…’ and guess what? I am
absolutely happy with the results!!!When I apply it in the mornings it just feels smooth, leaving my
skin very soft with no greasy effect or feeling at all. It has a very nice and natural smell (as it only
has natural and essential oils).Also what can I say about the price, unbeatable for the kind of product
you will get :-).I highly recommend to try this cream as I am very confident you will be as happy as

A very high quality product! I am extremely picky about the things I put on my face and spend alot of
money buying different products from Kiehls,Clinique, Aveda, Philosophy, Estee Lauder, Lancome and more.
Basically all there is, I have tried them. This moisturizer is the best I have ever used. It is not
heavy or greasy. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and I feel that it is making me feel younger.
I would very highly recommend this product to anyone who is picky about what they put on their skin!

This cream is the one i’ve been looking for! …

This stuff is amazing! With the weather being so cold my skin was super dry, I tried numerous lotions,
but none worked. My friend recommended Cutis Vita to me and I thought, it wont hurt to try it. After the
first application my skin felt so soft and there was no oily residue left on my skin! It is now the only
thing that I use. :) I love it!

I LOVE this product! I would and have recommended Cutis Vita to everyone I know. I have used it for
about a year and have seen amazing results. I have dry skin in some areas and combination/normal in
others. I have found that this product works phenomenally for every type of skin. For the price, value
and ease of ordering, I am truly impressed.

I am in construction and deal with a lot of chemicals. My hands get really really dried out and cracked.
Its very annoying. It gets worse in the winter months. I have tried lots of hand creams and none of them
work very well. Thats why I bought this stuff. I know its a not a hand cream per se but thats how Im
using it and I am thrilled so far.

I love this cream! I was surprised how a little goes a long way. The scent is so mild and pleasant. It
deeply moisturizes my skin without any greasy feeling at all. I have very sensitive skin so there are
few products that I can use and with this cream I had no reaction at all. My skin just loves it!! I
highly recommend it.

Great product. Absorbs so quickly without leaving any greasy residue. My husband had an itchy rash on
his back (source unknown) and I rubbed this on it. He felt instant relief and it was 90% gone the next
morning. I use it on my arms, hands, legs and feet which are all dry due to the long winter we’ve had in
the northeast.

My wife got a sample of this and loved it. She has sensitive skin and has difficulty finding creams that
she can use. It provides great moisturizing. It has a very light pleasant scent, not like many other
creams that have an overpowering scent. Would highly recommend this cream for everyone with sensitive

I was so pleased to get back from my holiday travels and find this on my doorstep. My hands were cracked
and dry from the winter weather and this cream was so soothing. The smell was also wonderful too. I like
fresh scents that aren’t overly perfumey. This was perfect!

I started using this product as soon as it arrived and I must say it is really great. Its not greasy but
yet feels really great on the skin, It really moisturizer my skin. I would recommend this product and I
will be reordering soon. Awesome product.

I love this cream. I am very picky about what I use, but after looking at the ingredients I thought I
would give it a try. I patch tested it on my self and my kids–works well and moisturizes without
leaving a greasy feeling.

Love this stuff! It’s all I use on my arms and legs all year round. Absorbs quickly,super moisturizing,
and I love the scent -clean, fresh, and not overpowering. Can’t recommend it enough!

I use this on my lips. It doesn’t have any fragrances that I can tell and it’s not smelly which I like.
It rubs in very fast and feels like nothing is there. It’s real light. Try it!

Great product! Non-greasy, great smell (citrusy), and a little goes a long way. I actually got my first
jar as a gift a while back, excited that I can now purchase it on Amazon.

Wonderful product! It feels great and absorbs quickly leaving my skin moisturized and looking fabulous.
I will definitely continue to keep Cutis Vita in my repertoire.

Skin feels smooth and soft. I love that this lotion is not greasy, rubs in easily, and has a pleasant
scent that is subtle enough that my husband likes using it too.

Very nice cream. It rubs in nicely and moisturizes nicely. It came swiftly. I also used it on a rough
patch of skin on my daughter and it already feels smoother.

Love this product and won’t use anything else. Just glad I found it and appreciated Amazon stores with
good follow up service. Thank you.

This is a great cream for dry skin, it quickly soaks into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. The
sent is natural and clean. Love it!

I’ve been using this for my face and hands and its a great mosturizer. Non-oily, fresh and clean smell.

Love this lotion. It’s very moisturizing without being greasy or sticky. I would definitely recommend.

Soaks right into your skin, non-greasy, very soft, good ingredients, can’t go wrong!

I cannot recommend this product enough. Don’t be skeptical about the size– 4 oz. goes a long way
because the cream is very concentrated and a little goes a long way. The scent is very light and clean
smelling. My favorite part is that the cream is super moisturizing but absorbs quickly. I’ve tried many
other body butters and thick moisturizers before, but they always leave a greasy residue or are heavily
scented. Now I have people feel my hands all the time, they say my skin feels like a baby’s butt!! Also,
as you ladies know, hands are what age you the fastest, so keeping them well moisturized is a must.

A wonderfully creamy product. Made my holiday roughened hands feel like velvet!

Light and absorbs well, not greasy at all. And I love the way it smells!

Rich and creamy, not greasy and smells good!

I’ve been using my first jar of the cultis vita and have to say I really like this face cream. I was
actually hoping it was going to have a strong lemon scent, but it is a neutral non scented cream scent.
I like the way the cream applies to the face and how it feels on the face. I will purchase again.

This cream is excellent! It is very soothing and hydrating. I’ve used it as a general moisturizer when
my skin is feeling dry and I’ve also used it to help heal burns, scars and even on stretch marks
post-baby. I highly recommend it. It lasts a long time too! Great product!

This product is amazing! I totally love it! It’s all natural and replenishes my skin! I NEVER miss 1
day! I highly recommend this product for keeping your skin young and radiant looking! Also great for
healing sun burn.

I love this product on my skin. It leaves my skin looking and feeling flawless all day long. No cream
has ever done this to my skin. I recommend it as a number 1 cream for the face for any skin type. Thank

Bought this for my husband who was suffering from very dry skin on face and back. He has only used it a
week but has seen drastic improvement overall. Thanks

Love this product and won’t use anything else. Just glad I found it and appreciated Amazon stores with
good follow up service. Thank you.

A wonderfully creamy product. Made my holiday roughened hands feel like velvet!

Light and absorbs well, not greasy at all. And I love the way it smells!

This product is a must have. First time i used it i was very happy to not having greasy hands, face and
body. I definitely recommend this product to my friends and family…

Cutis Vita absorbs quickly and last a long time! Customer Service is wonderful!

Very emollient – thick – nice and gentle for facial skin. Beautiful scent.

Alright a little thick but nourishing!